NDIS Sales Masterclass

NDIS Sales Masterclass

Live Workshop Sessions


The NDIS Sales Masterclass is covered over two live workshop sessions.

Session 1

Friday 8th December 2023

10am to 2pm

Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

Session 2

Friday 15th December 2023

10am to 2pm

Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEST)

Who is this for?

Providers who want to convert more enquiries and equip their sales team with a defined strategy.

Chris Hall

Your Presenter

As a Father of an autistic child, Chris has a personal connection with disability, combined with five years’ experience within the NDIS, 12 years in business, and a strong foundation of professional services experience within IT.   He was recently the Managing Director of a SIL provider and led a quality audit in March 2023 with zero non-conformances.

In the last 12 months, Chris has helped over 100 NDIS providers scale their businesses through his NDIS Sales Masterclass, NDIS Marketing Masterclass, and Growth Programs.  By trade, Chris is NDIS Business Coach who is passionate about the NDIS, hosting his own podcast, and presenting at live events and webinars.

Your business needs a predictable approach for signing up more participants.

Your business lacks the capacity and expertise internally to create a cohesive sales strategy.

You are looking to scale your business over the next 12 months.

Provider Testimonials

Kevin Yabut

Managing Director, Freiya

Richard Magaisa

CEO, Florss Group

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Based on 18 reviews
Paul Freebody
Paul Freebody
I have been asked to furnish a review of the service provided by Peak Provider (Chris Hall). Firstly, I do not usually do reviews; in fact, this is my first, as I find many businesses and or consultants' services are underwhelming, to be frank. They never do what they say and attempt to baffle you with terminology no one uses or understands in the real world. I am delighted to say Chris has proven to be one of the exceptions. History: Chris contacted us in response to our ad for a marketing salesperson. Upon speaking with him, it was clear that his skill set would be a valuable asset to our company in reviewing and updating our marketing strategies to increase our market share in NDIS disability support services. After conducting my due diligence, I enrolled the company in his eight-week business program, which proved to be highly informative, easy to understand and to implement.Chris provided us with recommendations and guidance and took a hands-on approach to developing and making the necessary changes; Hubspot is an clear example of how underutilized a system can be and was being used and implemented. Chris has worked with Vicky, our new marketing person, to streamline and connect all the dots in what can be a complicate network of media offerings, he has used Hubspot to make our media work seamlessly with our social media offerings and marketing campaigns. This allowed us to reach our target audience and monitor the effectiveness of our investments across different advertising groups. There were some large cost savings to the company after it was identified we were wasting money in some areas of our media spend. I would highly recommend Chris's program to those in a similar position of needing overhaul and review of their business model; for us, it came at a time in which I was seeking a reset and review for our business model as I inherited a clumsy and ineffectual way of monitoring and hence doing business as we had become too immersed in the details and set in our ways to see the bigger objective. Chris's professional coaching and ability to understand what we were saying and how we got there allowed him and take that on board helped us re-align our systems and growth agenda to get the company marketing and strategy back on track, whilst streamlining our systems and processes.This cost-effective campaign has been the best value-for-money business overview (reset ) I have come across in my career; it was exactly what I was looking for. We will now work on using the tools and opportunities given to us by our experience of working with peak providers and will continue to use Chris's services in the future when we may need some further specialist advice or just maybe a recalibration. Well done, Chris and Thank You!
Had the pleasure and a lifetime experience to complete the growth program with Chris, who became my mentor and guide. Coming from someone with almost zero knowledge in the sales and marketing industry, his ways of teaching and understanding of the NDIS were top level. I wouldn’t have learnt with anyone else. He deeply understands and analyses the challenges and limitations you face, providing immediate solutions. Such a skilled and intelligent man who not only grew the company but also myself as an individual.Thank you so much brother! Your a legend!
Vicky Cook
Vicky Cook
Chris Hall is an absolute stand out professional in the NDIS industry. His 8-week program delivers tailored and intelligent solutions to service providers, with outstanding results. Chris not only teaches, he gets in boots and all with the team to implement industry best practice systems, driving efficiency and bottom line results. Highly recommended.
Daniel McCutcheon
Daniel McCutcheon
I was lucky enough to have a 1:1 Marketing masterclass with Chris which was incredibly valuable. I learnt a huge amount which I am confident will continue to benefit my business as it grows. Chris is insightful, brings a sense of humour, dedication, research-backed tried and tested principles and attention to detail to provide an amazing service. Would 100% recommend engaging with Chris if you are a business owner looking to level up- you will not regret it!
Rebecca Lackenby
Rebecca Lackenby
We have just completed the 8 week growth program with Chris. Chris has an innate ability to get in and get to know a business quickly and throughly. He quickly identified our strengths, and provided practical, evidence based solutions for our gaps. His style of consultancy is "hands on", working with the team, desigining websites and building automations. He is professional and personable and has injected an enthusiasm and excitement into our busness for the future. I would highly recommend Peak Provider to anyone who can see the potential of their business but are not quite sure how to convert that potential into action and results!
Jo Mc
Jo Mc
Working with Chris has been awesome. His insight and exceptional sales and marketing knowledge has been eye opening and challenged us to look at our business in a different light. I look forward to our newly developed business model working some magic moving forward!
Max King
Max King
Auscare Support engaged Chris to undertake a review of our Sales and Marketing, with a view to overhaul the fundamentals of how we attract engage and sign up new Support Coordination and Plan Management clients.From the get go we were impressed with the professionalism and methodical approach that Chris brought to the process.Chris has deep knowledge of the NDIS, was engaging and took time to explain the process. But what really impressed me was his attitude to documentation and making real time changes. This meant that we achieved a huge amount of real progress in the 8 weeks... it is clear we have taken some giant leaps forward in a short amount of time that my team and i would simply not have had the capacity to do without Chris.I can highly recommend Chris's 8 week program, or his masterclasses.
Noemi Nowosad
Noemi Nowosad
Chris Hall is Amazing I sent him a lot of questions about Ndis and he answered all of them Very professional. I am so happy to be connected with Peak Provider
Eileen Guo
Eileen Guo
Chris' NDIS marketing class was exceptional! Engaging, insightful, and practical - a must-attend for anyone just step in NDIS and have no idea about what to do to promote your business.
The Cherisher Team
The Cherisher Team
I can't express enough my gratitude for Peak Provider (Chris Hall) and the exceptional service he provides. His comprehensive Sales and Marketing course, spanning over 8 hours, is a treasure trove of knowledge. It provides insights into the intricacies of the NDIS sector and offers practical strategies that can be immediately applied to improve your business operations.What sets Chris apart, however, is his dedication to personalised service. His one-on-one virtual consultations have been instrumental in accelerating my business progress. During these sessions, Chris has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the NDIS landscape and offered bespoke solutions tailored to my unique challenges.One of the standout services provided by Chris is his thorough website audits. His keen eye for detail and expert advice have significantly improved my website's functionality and user experience. He has also been an invaluable resource for ad hoc queries, always responding promptly to my emails and providing solutions to issues I would have struggled to resolve independently.In short, Chris is more than just a consultant. He is a mentor, a guide, and a problem-solver. If you're seeking someone with a broad understanding of the industry and a knack for problem-solving, look no further. Chris is the embodiment of these qualities and working with him will undoubtedly ease your journey and expedite your progress in the NDIS space.Thank you, Chris, for your unwavering support and expertise. To anyone reading this review, I can't recommend Peak Provider highly enough.
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Module 1
How To Get Profitable

Module 1.0 – What is Customer Lifetime Value and why is it crucial?

Module 1.1 – Establishing your Income Streams

Module 1.2 – Establishing your Customer Lifetime Value

Module 1.3 – What is Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)?

Module 1.4 – Establishing your Customer Acquisition Cost

Module 1.5 – What are healthy commercial targets?

Module 1.6 – A simulated Sales and Marketing allocation

Module 1.7 – Distinctions of Gross and Net Profit.

Module 1.8 – Anticipating Growth – the road ahead.

Module 1.9 – Summary

Module 2
Making Revenue Predictable

Module 2.0 – What is a Sales Strategy?

Module 2.1 – Why are Sales Targets so important?

Module 2.2 – How to define a Sales Target in your business?

Module 2.3 – Dedicating staff to Sales

Module 2.4 – Job Descriptions for Sales and Marketing Staff

Module 2.5 – Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  Which systems are crucial for your success?

Module 2.6 – The reliance on Inbound sales

Module 2.7 – The benefits of Outbound sales

Module 2.8 – The NDIS blend of Inbound and Outbound Sales

Module 2.9 – Defining a Commission Structure

Module 3
NDIS Sales Strategies

Module 3.0 – What are Leads and what is a Pipeline?

Module 3.1 – How to Qualify a Lead

Module 3.2 – Establishing a Business to Customer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) Strategy

Module 3.3 – What is a Sales Cadence and what are the benefits?

Module 3.4 – Defining a Sales Cadence for your business.

Module 3.5 – Defining a uniform Pipeline for Sales

Module 3.6 – The power of Automations in your Pipeline

Module 3.7 – The Top 3 Missed Sales Opportunities in the NDIS

Module 3.8 – Sales Scripts

Module 3.9 – Creating a Referral Culture

Module 4
Bringing Your Strategy To Life

Module 4.0 – Documenting a Sales (and Marketing) Strategy

Module 4.1 – Signing up to a CRM

Module 4.2 – The Power of Personality Trait Tests

Module 4.3 – Training Your Staff or Recruiting New Sales Staff

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